What is a doula...

If you don't have the support of family living close by then a postnatal doula like myself can lend a much needed helping hand once baby is born, and also in the forthcoming months. 

A doula is a woman who is there to 'mother the mother' and the extent of that is up to the individual mum and her doula. In my role as a postnatal doula I will be there to offer emotional and practical help and advice. To be supportive, reassuring, caring, non-judgmental...and a good listener and friend!

Postnatal support has been shown to increase breastfeeding duration rates and also reduce the incidence of postnatal depression. ('Mothering the Mother' by Klaus,Kennell and Klaus,1993)

Most women need encouragement and companionship more than they need drugs. (Ina May Gaskin)

I have done my birth and postnatal doula training with Nurturing Birth. My trainer was Kicki Hansard who was voted 'Doula of the year 2009' by Pregnancy & Birth Magazine.

Created by Julie Waldron