"I would not hesitate to recommend Julie. She has helped me by putting together a flexible routine tailored to both me and my son. In addition, she has been extremely helpful with suggestions of a range of products and techniques to assist with specific problems I have encountered as a new parent"

"Julie immediately proved herself indispensable to our family"

"Julie is extremely patient and caring"

"...we sadly had to say goodbye to Julie as we no longer needed help, but it was with a very heavy heart and the next family she works for are very lucky!"

"Julie provided invaluable support after I had my second daughter"

"Julie proved to be utterly reliable and was always good natured, empathetic and an ideal companion"

"...I consider her to have been very knowledgeable, kind and well suited to being a doula"

"Never one to be beaten by a problem, she was able to help in formulating ways of dealing with issues as they arose"

Created by Julie Waldron