How I can help...

I was a single mother for many years after being widowed aged 30 so I certainly have experienced the difficulties and frustrations of bringing up a baby, and on my own (both of us with medical issues) 

and I became a doula so I could help others and to make a difference!

My special interests are: 

@ Helping to identify the cries of a baby so that the correct needs are met as soon as possible.

@ Guidance towards a flexible routine that suits mum, baby and family.

@ Establishing napping and sleeping patterns to ensure baby is well rested (and the family!)

@ Help with understanding and dealing with reflux and colic.

@ Helping baby to self soothe and sleep at night.

I really enjoy working with mums, helping them around the house and with any baby 'issues' they might have. I of course also love the caring for, and cuddles and smiles of the babies themselves!

Some of the many ways a postnatal doula can help...

* Tend to baby while mum rests or sleeps (or whatever else she would like to do).

* Help identify why baby is crying and how best to remedy the situation.

* To help find a flexible routine (even if you are feeding on demand) that works best for your family. 

* Help and guidance regarding feeding baby.

* "Is it reflux or colic?" We can discuss symptoms, how to cope and hopefully resolve any issues.

* Enable the mother to build up self-confidence and develop her own mothering skills.

* Accompany mum and baby to doctor appointments/shopping trips etc.

* Light housework (and to make sure mum eats well!)

* And so much more and for as long and as often as you want.

I also bring along my own 'life experiences'  which may help others that have been through or are going through similar situations.

Created by Julie Waldron